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This tale is a real tale, The Professors lead a real university, it’s called IMAGI-NATION{University} and was founded in 2021, reaching students across 52 countries.

This tale is a real tale, The Professors leaThe Professors are teaching people in IMAGI-NATION{University} how to imagine, flip the script, work with relational economics, mentor, build bridges, and organise change.d a real university, it’s called IMAGI-NATION{University} and was founded in 2021, reaching students across 52 countries.

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Location: London, England


ASTERIX is the Professor of Hoodie Economics at IMAGI-NATION {University} and is obsessed with the meaning of the word “economy” – especially how people perceive the idea incorrectly.


While most of the world thinks of economics as the collective behaviors of a financial market, ASTERIX sees economics as how we relate to one another and find value in society. She is a philosopher combined with an economics major in pursuit of what makes life worth living.


ASTERIX knows that humans are inherently good. She’s asking some very big questions through her research to redefine how we think about adding value in our world – pursuing exchanges of time, knowledge, and experience instead of just money.


ASTERIX does her best thinking in the kitchen, where she cooks and dines with friends from around the world as they deep their relations with one another.




Location: Los Angeles, California


BLUE is the Professor of Flipping the Script at IMAGI-NATION {University}. A former Hollywood screenwriter, he is committed to using his skillset to help students reframe their own narratives.


After many successful years writing scripts in the business and telling stories that have already been told a million times, BLUE has an idea: why doesn’t he take his screenwriting skills and use them to actually change lives?


His fundamental lesson in flipping the script: “You don’t have to play a part in someone else’s story.” BLUE knows that self-authorship and an entrepreneurial mindset are integral in order to move oneself beyond the dominant narrative that society writes for us.


BLUE loves to surf. He radiates the energy of the ocean: the peaceful positivity of the waves, married with an everything-is-radical vibe and California-dreaming exterior.




Location: Sydney, Australia


EINSTEIN is the Professor of Building Bridges at IMAGI-NATION {University} and has spent her career helping the world rewire its networks and re



EINSTEIN is eccentric and at times a contrarian: sometimes she believes it would be easier for her if things didn’t work out.


In the 1970’s EINSTEIN wrote a paper as a grad student based on findings she gathered from her research: instead of going from A to B and B to C, what if we just built a bridge from A to C? Now she’s recruited by leaders around the world to talk about building bridges. The one problem: she’s not sure it’s going to work.


EINSTEIN spends her time testing new systems to build better bridges – she’s obsessed with the potential of Web 3.0 to rewire internet. Otherwise, she keeps the rest of the Professors humble with her sarcasm, dryness, and wit.

ENERGY copy.jpg



Location: South Africa

ENERGY is the Professor of Mentoring at IMAGI-NATION {University} and is on a lifelong quest to pass on knowledge.


Despite being in her mid-60s, she’s still bouncing-off-the-walls energetic.


In her late twenties, ENERGY worked directly with students and absolutely loved her work, but she quickly grew burned out. She went to see a guru who asked her: “Who are your mentors?” It was then Energy realized that despite her work mentoring students, she had forgotten to find mentors of her own!


ENERGY earned her PhD in mentoring and is obsessed with seeing knowledge passed down from generation-to-generation. She always talks in stories and energetic parables, because she knows that if you want to change the world, you need to find a way to build relations with people through storytelling.

ENERGY copy.jpg



Location: Sydney, Australia


HOPE is the Professor of Imagination at IMAGI-NATION {University}, working tirelessly to unlock the imagination of the world to summon new intelligence.


HOPE knows that hope doesn’t come easy: it’s a struggle. Always. He is the epitome of hard work – you don’t get to opt out of the work if you want to change the world. He’s trying as hard as possible to build a bridge between reality and unreality.


As the leader of the University, HOPE feels the heaviness of hope, and at times that burden is too big to shoulder alone – the responsibility of helping the world heal.


HOPE is an exhausted optimist. He’s steadfast, tired, yet refuses to give up his belief that humanity can find a better way forward.

ENERGY copy.jpg



Location: Sydney, Australia


LIONELCORN is the Professor of Organizing Change at IMAGI-NATION {University} and is is fascinated by organizational systems that naturally exist in the wild. (For instance, he’s obsessed with mycelium.)


Through his research, LIONELCORN has learned that all organizational theories are derivative of natural regeneration and thinks it’s bullsh*t that the world isn’t changing in ways that model nature. Chaos is natural. The more we fight it, the more disconnected we become.


LIONELCORN is committed to finding and unlocking the natural principles found in all the systems and realities of our world. He’s perpetually upbeat and a gifted storyteller; he’s also the loudest one at the dinner party. He’s exhaustingly inspiring and very, very fun.


When he’s not studying systems, LIONELCORN can be found tending to his overgrown greenhouse or laying down a beat in the recording studio.


The Professors

The Professors

The Professors
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The Professors | Episode 1 - Imagination

The Professors | Episode 1 - Imagination

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The Professors | Episode 2 - Building Bridges

The Professors | Episode 2 - Building Bridges

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The Professors | Episode 3 - Flipping the Script

The Professors | Episode 3 - Flipping the Script

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Professor Hope's Diary

Professor Hope

Higher Order Thinking at IMAGI-NATION {University}

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Flip the Script

Professor Blue

Article published for the esteemed academic Journal "Mighty Tomes"

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Hoodie Economics V.01

Professor Asterix

By Professor Asterix, Jack Manning Bancroft, Tyson Yunkaporta, Parul Punjabi Jagdish

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Imagination Cookbook

Professor Hope

Imagination is the beginning of all ideas- ideas are what engage us, draw us together and bring out the best version of ourselves.

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