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Shelby Pike-Stewart

Who are you?:

im from Australia and i dream that this world will be fare to all and that when someone is in need of help that they can get is no matter what.

What have you been doing at IMAGI-NATION {UNIVERSITY}?:

I have been doing that trial heads and reading up a lot on how to work with different kinds of people.

How have you been doing it?:


Why are you doing it?:

to be able to be that person someone can come to for help

Which Professor teaches your favourite IMAGI-NATION {UNIVERSITY} lesson and why?:

Professor Blue on Flipping the Script as its shows that we all can change and help someone or something in this world.

What lessons in organising change would you pass on to other students in your course?:

teaching with imagination as it can help open up the eyes and minds of other to trying new things or even giving something a go again

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