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Nadia Miranti


Auckland, NZ

"Thank you for spreading kindness."

  • Sharing a conversation with a person experiencing homelessness

  • Visited an aged care facility with Muchie (my dog)

  • Even a small gesture, saying 'Hi' can make someone's day

  • Kindness doesn't always need to be grand or require lots of money

Aghita Kruliane


Auckland, NZ

"Be your own sunshine"

  • Slowing down and letting someone in front of me in traffic

  • Being kind to myself with exercise after a month's break

  • "One random act of kindness at a time can change the world" - Morgan Freeman

  • I realised that I wanted to do things not expecting anything in return - and it felt great.

Kate Bartlett


Auckland, New Zealand

"It encouraged me to slow down, observe, and reflect on kindness in its different forms."

  • Checking in on students that I knew needed my support

  • Taking the time to open and give space to those that needed to be heard

  • This experience has reminded me of the importance of slowing down and being mindful of the people that need kindness the most.

Launiu Maava

Accounts administration

Kelston, New Zealand

"Trusting that everything will fall into place and be okay."

  • This week has allowed me to reflect on the kindness shown to me by others during this time but also learn to be kinder to myself.

  • There is way more to come in this adventure of kindness...

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