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Kyarlee Clulow

Who are you?:

My name is kyarlee clulow I’m from the kamilaroi country i am in my last term of year 11 then going into year 12 which is a big acheivement for me!. I’m really sporting, i have a big passion for aboringal art. My dream is to come a famous artist & be doing mentoring!

What have you been doing at IMAGI-NATION {UNIVERSITY}?:

I firstly got started by putting my info down for mentoring training did 2 sessions & then got asked to be on IMAGI-NATION TV and the experience of it was great!!! then i got connected with Bredon and spoke to him about what i wanted to do & achieve. It was very successful as i am now on board with Wollongong Public School & awaiting on another school to start my program of art & yarning. thanks to AIME i couldn’t got where i was!

How have you been doing it?:

I have only just started but have had passion for the young mob since i was in year 9.

Why are you doing it?:

I just have so much passion for the young mob out there in the community and schools. I think its really important to be teaching them what there culture is about and just the way us mob connected with each other.

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