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Kindness comes together in times of need in Australia


In the Northern Rivers region of NSW, Australia there have been catastrophic floods over the past few weeks. Everyone has been reminded of the power of kindness and efforts to save houses, people and livestock have brought the community together and demonstrated the power of the regional communities of Australia.

In the middle of all of the disaster a hoodie names lucky has passed around to 4 very special people - people that have found joy and meaning in displaying both very grand gestures to help people in their time of need and also in the simple acts of kindness that put a smile on the faces of people in Byron Bay and the surrounds.


I felt like my note would make people smile, I recently got something similar and it made my day, but my note, well that was extra. More love, more feelings, I’m sure it made many people happy, and hopefully spread some kindness.

“I like to feel like I am nice to people everyday, makes me feel like me.

My main cuteness was to make a kindness inspiring letter, to leave on noticeboards, car windscreens, letter boxes, fridges, anywhere people would see them.

I was a little shy doing it made me think, WHAT is wrong with me! Why hide from being kind? Is it an ego thing? I need to explore that.

Enjoy, have fun and don’t be scared to be kind.”


Make me rethink a lot of things, and learned to be more kind to everyone.

“Kindness is unselfish and loving.

I try to be kind in everything I do, it makes everyone a better person and more happy.

This week I helped people who were affected by the horrible floods.

It made me realise that it’s not a hard thing to do but it helps people out in so many ways and puts smiles on people’s faces.

Have fun, learn got make it a thing to do everyday, not just this week.”


My girlfriend having her period on my first day of the hoodie week. If that’s not a sign..

“What makes us human…

Today, instead of selling some of my furnitures. I choose to gift them to people who needed them.

Donate some of my belonging, invited friends in difficult time for a dinner and wine. Donated two paintings to someone who has been helping with the flood efforts.

Beside the materialistic gesture, I feel kindness is more of a state of being. The way you inherit with other and the noble and pure intention behind it, it is what truly matters.

It’s starting with a smile…the rest is up to you.”


I feel this hoodie makes us think about how important is to be present and kind. Every day without having any expectations from anyone. I always said it’s good to help people for no reason.

“Being friendly and respectful.

I feel we don’t need to do big things to be kind. A simple smile, a think you. A daily warm love to others makes me feel complete

I normally offer free coffees to my mates or whoever needs on, I helped people with the floods, moving houses, I listen for hours to a fiends who needed someone to lean on.

We live in a truly amazing world., I you are patient and kind to good people, good people will find you. You will always have good places to stay and kindness will be around you every day.

Kindness is a regular thing, be kind, love the moments and the feeling of being kind.

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