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IN{TV} – EP 7 – YOUNGSTERS: “Kids are the glue that make the world stick together.”

The Youngsters are back and so is Panga! She has dragged herself up by her glove straps in the face of it all and she’s here to show us what Hope is!

One of our Presidents of Imagi-Nation is Phillip Derouen from Louisiana. He turned his darkest moment into his greatest success. Every day he’s showing up and demonstrating how you can turn failure into success and how to springboard your success to help everyone else!

Just because something does not exist for you right now, doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

You know who said that? Phillip.

Tia from Perth is wielding hope and staring down some of the world’s biggest issues like racial inequality and climate change, to protect the earth for future generations. And Knate from Queensland drops some true Hope in the wake of 6 months of unprecedented catastrophe for Australia- jumping from fires to floods to pandemics.

This week AIME kicks off a new initiative with our first entry in a video diary on being brave in times of COVID-19. We start strong with Hitika Punjabi, a 12 year old Youngster from Coimbatore, India. I’ll let her speak for herself.

Through my little acts in some small ways I am letting my light shine. I know that the adults all feel more hopeful because of me and because of all of us kids.

Now, shake the sillies out and knuckle down, because we’re diving back into the Chaos Classroom!

We’ve got Chad, Tia and Gemma and Luke. They’re facing some tough questions and some tough times, but they aren’t doing it alone. You at home, at work, in your work-home, doing your homework, step up with us.

A drawing of what hope looks like.

A poem about what hope means to you.

How has hope changed your life?

How do you unlock hope?

How will you use hope to get through COVID-19 with your family and friends?

You have 3 minutes. GO!

Luke reckons hope is a fundamental part of our humanity! It’s everywhere, from our own identities to Superman’s chest.

I’ll leave you this week with the best advice possible from Hitika in India.

Take care and be brave.

Angus x

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