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IN{TV} – EP 13 – Designers: Ethics, sustainability and changing the world – shapin

This week on IMAGI-NATION{TV} our value is trust. When talking about design, what are some brands that you trust? Have you considered where your clothing comes from and how it was made? We get down to the facts and talk ethics with our design experts.

We had the opportunity to look at journalistic morals and audience expectations through the lens of our partner PEDESTRIAN.TV’s Managing Editor, Melissa Mason. She explained that PEDESTRIAN.TV is a pro-sustainability platform that only publishes things that align with their values. She also shared that readers today are looking for stories that are coming from a personal standpoint, suggesting that “there is a trend of personal stories and stories of hope. People are looking for authenticity.

James was first inspired by the film Taken to learn about the hidden truths of human trafficking. The more he learned, the more he wanted to help. It wasn’t long before the idea was born to change the world with denim. Launching Outland Denim was James’s way of helping people through business. By supporting his brand, you’re supporting an ethically sustained business, and you’re changing lives. Helping people out is second nature to James. He says he was a kid who would give up his bed for a stranger. “We are here to look out for each other and care for each other.

Dan Single, has set out to change the world with fashion. He gave us a rundown on AIME’s new hoodie, This Hoodie Pays Rent, and the importance of supporting the cause. The hoodie launched today and proceeds will help people struggling to pay their rent. “You get to a time [in life] where you need to give more, and give more to the wider world, and that is what we are doing now.

As always, we ended the show with Hope’s Design Awards, which featured last week’s inspirational Future Award recipient, Egypt Ufele. And this week’s award went to … Well, you’ve gotta watch the show to find out.

Teisha x

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