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We’re pretty lucky on this show; we get to connect with some of the most inspiring young visionaries the world has! Today, international host Blue interviewed 10 youngsters who absolutely blew us away; they privileged us with the secret recipe for a Trust Cake, delivered some incredible Presidential speeches and shared their tips for mastering COVID-19 isolation. Let’s get into it!

Paris kick-started our speeches. She highlighted that trust is inexplicable and varied. It’s an individual experience and unique because of our perspectives and experiences. She encouraged everyone to trust themselves and the process of getting out of your comfort zone because as we all know, there’s NO SHAME AT AIME.

Superstar youngster, Emily from Townsville, spoke about the difficult times her area has been through with floods already, which is why her priority as President of the World would be Mother Earth. Fingers crossed one day we’ll see Emily in the boss’ chair.

Dixon left us with some big concepts to ponder. He shared his thoughts on the power of schools and the role of imagination. He spoke so calmly but his words were so powerful. An important final thought from Dixon; ‘the world changes everyday and we should change with it’.

Chaos Classroom was a whirlwind with a trio of sisters, purple leis, smiley face sketches and deep discussion on the nature of trust. For our video diary, 16 year old Maliki spoke to us about how basketball and faith have grounded him during isolation. He is taking this opportunity to reflect, better himself, and test out some new hobbies – and he encourages us to do the same.

To finish off the show, we chatted to Young Artist of the Week, Spirit Bolton. She spoke about her artistic journey and what got her to where she is today.

With the world in such an uncertain place, it is easy to become pessimistic about the future. Yet, with people like these brilliant youngsters becoming the leaders, thinkers and changemakers of the future, we don’t have anything to worry about. As Emily said ‘young people can do anything’, we just need to trust them.

Jade x

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