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I see you trying again and again… You gotta bring down those walls..” Elana Stone sings, in her stellar track, ‘Bring Down Those Walls’.

Week two of IMAGI-NATION{TV} has wrapped up nicely, with a cross-continental collaboration of artists taking part in IN{TV}’s artist challenge.

Sloane Angell showed off his impressive pottery skills while making a stunning water pitcher. He chose the water pitcher for it’s symbolic attachment to the idea of sustaining new and existing life.

Monty Koludrovic gave the viewers a virtual taste of his food (and creativity) by whipping up a tasty-looking fish salad live on the show, while painting a fish-filled underwater-scape to match.

Performers Tamahau, Elana Stone and Shellie Morris completed the cross-continental collaboration with live performances throughout the artist challenge.

To Tamahua, hope has been an immersive tool for him and an immersive part of his journey. Before he performed his song ‘Lost’, he shared that he has used hope as fuel for thoughts throughout his years, to pursue music with everything he has.

Elana Stone came on to perform her song ‘Bring Down Those Walls’, with Asterix, Blue and Hope jumping in as her backup singers.

Shellie Morris wrapped up the day’s live performances with a new composition inspired by her interpretation of hope (watching the sunrise, feeling the breeze, and feeling the sense of a new day).

A big thank you to all of our guests.

Shyaka x

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