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Blake Lambert


Sydney, Australia

"Kindness makes me appreciate my gift of life."

  • Gave notes of kindness to strangers

  • Had conversations about kindness with these people

  • Made a YouTube video about it so it could be shared

  • Got comfortable being uncomfortable

  • Kindness makes you feel awkward before taking the first step, but so much more connected afterwards.

Caterina Perali

Engine Room Warrior

Graz, Austria

"Embrace the journey. You've got nothing to loose"

  • Babysitting my nephew so my brother could spend some time with his wife

  • Visited my elderly neighbour who is now in a nursing home. I made cookies with my nephew and have them to the residents.

  • Helped cook for guests at my friend's farm.

  • Wrote a thank you letter to my Mum for always being there for me and supporting me.

Heidi Tritthart


Graz, Austria

"Live every day as if it's your last."

  • I've started a project with my kids in primary school to raise awareness of the war in Ukraine.

  • We painted stones and sold them to raise funds for a family in need.

  • It showed me that you can be kind in any way - whether you set up a bigger project or something little for yourself.

  • Kindness has no limitations

  • Take a break, enjoy the moment and leave a strand of kindness.

Monika Perali

Real Estate Agent

Schladming, Austria

"Small things make a big impact on all of us."

  • I went for a walk with a woman from a nursing home

  • This small gesture made me happy too - seeing her joy being able to walk in the sunshine again and meeting an old friend she has not seen for many years.

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