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Enu Rosine Daina

Who are you?:

I am from Cameroon, and what makes me is my passion and determined mind. I dream about being a charity worker because since from my childhood I have always been a givens person thou, I love given to the less privilege like my own self. I grow in a small village called Bafia in the central region of Cameroon. Where I grew I faced a lot of difficult as a female child while growing because it wasn’t easy because of how the people around there behave. A lot of the parents send their female children into early marriage, lack of education and lack of financial support and this had an effect to the female agenda..also many youth get pregnant and and unable to fed their children. All this because of lack of education lack of directions . For my own point of view I think these children need an educational support.

What have you been doing at IMAGI-NATION {UNIVERSITY}?:

What I have been doing all this time in IMAGIN-NATION is I had the chance to put my skill, passion into action being an active advocate for a global youth ambassador for climate change.

Also and to learn and put in action how to solve the problem of hunger, poverty in my area.

How have you been doing it?:

By distributing sanitiser, sanitary paths , packing food and sharing.

Why are you doing it?:

Why doing this is because it is part of me and this have been always been my motivation, my passion in life…to help and create how to solve solution like this in the world.

Do you have anything else to add?:

IMAGIN-NATION to the world 👌🤜🤛💪

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