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  • I did a shift swap for my colleague, it felt great to help out

  • I volunteered with come Iran refugees to assist with their reading. We all played games outside after, throwing the frisbee and playing on my balance board.

  • I felt a sense of love and warmth after work. To assist briefly bridging their gaps in schooling and see their smiling faces so joyous with laughter was incredible. It has made me rethink however reminded me how simple of it is to do things in our community.

  • The hoodies power feels like it follows me everywhere. It's like a halo for goodness.


  • Observed acts of kindness from others. e.g. volunteer with the surf lifesaving parol in Sydney during the week of Christmas

  • There is a continuum of kindness from the simple and one off (like letting someone go ahead of the queue) through to the repeated and high risk(like SES and Surf Savers)

  • Kindness is everywhere - we just need to notice it, appreciate and practice it.

  • Reflecting on the many ways people exhibit kindness from one off, casual acts of kindness (eg letting someone in shreds of you in a queue); through to sustained, regular, high cost kindness such as serving your community as a surf lifesaver, fire fighting volunteer etc.


  • Some beautiful moments - tangible and non-tangible. Supported an Iraqi family with reading, patience with myself and partner, supporting local business, visited any grandparents and support kindness to myself through time.

  • It's made me more aware of moments of kindness. Kindness is not simply doing but its moment of being. Kindness is for the self, kindness is for your community. People are open to accept kindness, we need to give it.

  • Be present with the time, be aware of the time and simply enjoy.


  • Everyday (and every moment) was kind and magic. From connecting with old and new friends, caring for the planet and looking after myself, I was in 'FLOW' all week.

  • I realise, kindness is not what I do, it is Who I AM... No matter what life throws at me, I can ALWAYS (and I mean always) respond with kindness. Thank You hoodie for changing my life

  • Treat the week ahead as the last (or first) of your life. Love and light to all my friends.

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