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7 days of kindness

On the 1st day of kindness, Mike said to me

“Kindness is giving until it hurts.” His superpower is water; his greatest fear is chameleons; he wants to see people plant more trees.

On the 2nd day of kindness, James said to me

“Kindness means being human and being human means being kind.” His superpower is his camera, he would come back to life as a bird; his motto is “less plastic is fantastic.”

On the 2nd day of kindness, Nancy said to me

“Kindness is connecting and creating an understanding with other people… even confronting the most opposite person or thing or concept and trying to create some space to understand it”; her greatest extravagance is getting a manicure; she asks “What are you doing today to make it your best day?”

On the 3rd day of kindness, the universe gift me a little fluffy white feather in a rain puddle in the street.

On the 4th day of kindness, it was ‘kindness to self day’: a day making friends with seaweed and picking up trash on the beach. And then the ocean gifted me an encounter with a black-and-white striped lobster and lots of tiny black-and-yellow fish.

On the 5th day of kindness, a vase of flowers appeared at the breakfast table as a surprise gift to friends.

On the 6th day of kindness, a group of youngsters whom I had never met allowed me to sit on the beach with them watching the sunset. Then they said “Thank you. You have honoured us.”

On the 7th day of kindness, the sky gifted me a bunch of fluffy silver afternoon clouds that looked like a forest out of the plane window.

On the 8th day of kindness, Vicky said to me

“Kindness is giving back.”; sparkling moments in her life: becoming a mother and then adopting an orphaned teenager; she would like to have the talent of hiking; imparting knowledge is what makes a better life.

On the 9th day of kindness, André said to me

“Kindness makes you you,” and “If you make small changes, it can become big changes.” Paulette said: “I’ve seen what it’s like to live that life where you have nothing; I don’t have the heart to see someone else go through that.” She would come back to life as herself; his motto is “never give up ever.”

On the 10th day of kindness, I paid for parking for a stranger who didn’t have change for the parking metre.

On the 11th day of kindness, our HR team gifted me (and many others) a beautiful end-of-year email titled “Joy and kindness.”

On the 12th day of kindness, a good friend sent me an immensely sweet and caring voice note

On the 13th day of kindness, I didn’t write it down and my memory fails me.

On the 14th day of kindness, same again.

On the 15th day of kindness, I practiced the value of listening with a teammate who needed to talk.

On the 16th day of kindness, reflected on the kindness of the friend who connected me to so many kindness heroes.

On the 17th day of kindness, I stopped by the roadside to get roses for a friend suffering from covid.

And yes, it’s 17 days instead of 7. Which just goes to show we always have more kindness than we think and it always goes much further than we think!

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