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We've just released the first round of 100+ MentorClass lessons that have been curated onto our YouTube channel. We are hopeful to announce one, or a few, global education platform partners to give MentorClass to every teacher in the world. 

In the 21st-century information age, the role of the teacher is to provide context to the information, to be a mentor and guide.

We hope these lessons help.

Kindness Economics - Ep 7 - The Power of Smiling with Shyaka Lwanyaaga

Kindness Economics - Ep 7 - The Power of Smiling with Shyaka Lwanyaaga

In a heartwarming and inspiring episode of the Kindness Economics Podcast with Candice Mama, Shyaka Farid Lwanyaaga, the inaugural Golden Ticket winner at AIME (Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience), takes center stage. Engaging in a heartfelt conversation with host Candice Mama, Shyaka delves into the profound influence of something as simple yet powerful as a smile, and its potential to catalyze the growth of humanity. With his remarkable journey and unique insights, Shyaka sheds light on the transformative power of a smile in fostering connections, breaking down barriers, and nurturing a sense of unity among individuals. Through his own experiences and encounters, he illustrates how the act of smiling can transcend cultural and societal boundaries, making positive impacts on both personal interactions and broader community dynamics. Shyaka's story of being the Golden Ticket winner at AIME serves as a testament to the ripple effect of kindness and the joy that a single smile can bring to someone's life. He and Candice Mama delve into the ways in which something as simple as a smile can create an atmosphere of inclusivity, understanding, and empathy, ultimately contributing to the collective growth and advancement of humanity. As listeners tune in to this captivating episode, they are reminded of the profound impact that acts of kindness, such as smiling, can have on shaping a more compassionate world. Shyaka's insights, coupled with Candice Mama's thought-provoking questions, create a space for reflection on the small gestures that can make a big difference, reminding us all of the incredible potential for positivity and growth that lies within each of us.
Power of Kindness in AI with Elatia Abate

Power of Kindness in AI with Elatia Abate

In this episode of the Kindness Economics Podcast with Candice Mama, distinguished futurist Elatia Abate takes center stage to explore the intricate relationship between empathy and the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence. Engaging in a captivating conversation with host Candice Mama, Abate delves into the profound implications of empathy in shaping the future of AI, offering a unique perspective on how this evolution could be guided by kindness. With her visionary insights, Abate delves into the transformative potential of empathy as AI continues to advance. Drawing from her extensive expertise, she eloquently discusses how infusing AI with empathetic capabilities can revolutionize technology's role in our lives, emphasizing its capacity to enhance human connections and societal interactions. In a fascinating analogy, Abate introduces the notion of perceiving AI as a three-year-old child—a concept that challenges us to nurture and guide the growth of this new technological frontier with patience and understanding. Through this lens, she envisions a future where kindness and empathy play pivotal roles in AI's development, ensuring that the technology serves humanity's best interests. Listeners are invited to embark on a journey of imagination and introspection as Elatia Abate and Candice Mama engage in a dialogue that bridges the gap between AI's evolution and the human capacity for empathy. This enlightening conversation prompts us to reflect on our role in shaping a compassionate technological future and reimagining the possibilities of a world where kindness and innovation coexist harmoniously.
The Essence of Impact with Mike Savas
The power of Identity

The power of Identity

In a captivating episode of the Kindness Economics Podcast with Candice Mama, filmmaker Marco Rios Bollinger takes center stage, shedding light on the transformative power of kindness in the world of filmmaking. Engaging in a heartfelt conversation with host Candice Mama, Marco Rios Bollinger delves into the profound impact that storytelling and untold narratives can have on claiming one's identity. With his distinct creative vision and passion for amplifying marginalized voices, Rios Bollinger shares his experiences of navigating the film industry with compassion and empathy. Drawing from his own personal journey, he reveals how acts of kindness, both big and small, can reshape the narrative landscape, elevating stories that have long been silenced or overlooked.Through thought-provoking anecdotes and captivating insights, Rios Bollinger and Mama explore the profound connection between empathy and cinematic storytelling. Together, they dive into the ways in which kindness can dismantle barriers, challenge societal norms, and empower individuals to reclaim their narratives. As listeners embark on this inspiring episode, they are invited to embrace the transformative power of kindness and witness the profound impact it can have on the film industry and beyond. Marco Rios Bollinger's wisdom and Candice Mama's insightful guidance create an enlightening conversation that serves as a testament to the potential for kindness to shape a more inclusive, compassionate world.
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