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A network to unlock the potential of human intelligence by mapping us in unlikely ways to generate healthier relational patterns between each other and nature. To re-vive our custodial nature, and work to give give in the network, with knowledge, time and opportunities allowing us to move in relation to each other and the natural world.

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A set of values that infuse everything we do.


As a citizen of in IMAGI-NATION you are trained in our 18 values.


These are hope, change, freedom, rebelliousness, listening, empathy, BRAVE goals, no shame, initiative, yes and, forgiveness, kindness, gift of time, failure, asking questions, hard work/discipline, know yourself, mentors not saviours.


The Re-Serve Bank’s core responsibility is story, the long story of this economy of life on earth, to profile a pattern of banking relational wealth and providing a storage facility for the collective wealth, and intelligence of a patterned network that is generative and gives gives, receives, receives.

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Our systems aren't mapped with Indigenous systems thinking centred, and networks to flow between and beyond our current patterns and ways of seeing and making value.

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Each element of the NATION is the star that we create to give a design frame.


These stars will become stardust as people use these elements as a proof of concept to create their own platforms for systems change.

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River Runs are the network health - UNCx5, quests, time, give give, playground for NATURE FUND, for IKSL deeper research of the health of the network through stiki and other elements

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The longest human success stories on earth are tales of custodianship, of moving with the land, learning from the land, working in and out of time and space, being freed from individual claims of power and ownership, to movement of relations and knowledge and intelligence.


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