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Welcome to the IMAGI-NATION{Factory} powered by unlikely connections to inspire and create the actions needed for a fairer, healthier, more joyful, kinder world.


We are excited to see your interest to come into the factory and stoke the fire with us.

Before we get into the ceremony to give you the space to imagine and weave your potential pathway through the imagination doors, we wanted to set some boundaries in clean sight.

There is no $$ exchanged in this venue, events can't be $$ profitable, this is about relations, our economy is Hoodie Economics, exchanges of time, knowledge and opportunities - a relational economy inspired 

This is also more than just a venue to book, the arteries you enter through are the heartbeat of IMAGI-NATION, the idea and our global network, the intention behind each event is deeply considered.


Knowledge is central to our value as a species, that we learn and then we pass on the knowledge, the following process of ceremony will give you the chance to engage with knowledge and shape your next chapter. 

The AIME Team


Dig into the areas of knowledge below before you submit your application.

Theses areas will form the intent behind your time in this very important space and signal your intent to walking on the bridge to build a fairer world through the power of imagination.

Enjoy the process of emergence


Thanks for submitting, we will be back super soon to lock in your tickets.

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