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Podcast Training opportunity

Lismore, Australia

Job Type

Training opportunity

About the Role

River FM and TheArtHouse are pleased to offer you a free training opportunity with one-on-one training and group training opportunities. Initially you would participate in a two-hour radio show once every 5 weeks (until mid 2023) and 3-4 group training opportunities where all 10 participants get together and create a podcast/videocast. These shall then be uploaded to our website, to YouTube and whatever other platforms the group wishes to.


Have you ever wanted to have your voice heard? To be really listened to.

Do you feel that young people, young women have a unique perspective on life and are often overlooked?

Youth Cultural Identity is important to us, and we want to explore issues that are important to you. Do you identify as female and are between the ages of 14 -24 and love music? Have you ever wanted to gain skills in audio engineering, podcasting or videocast? Have you ever dreamed of being on the radio?

We look forward to meeting you and know that with the skills gained you will be able to cross into many industries, be it music production, film, television, streaming, influencing, DJ or many more fields as well as addressing the huge gender disparity in the sound production industry (95% men). You have to see it to be it, so come and gain some skills to show other young women and girls that they can be whatever they want to be.


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