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Global Mentor

Darwin, Adelaide or Perth

Job Type

Casual 6-month contract

About the Role

Role: Global Mentor
Term: Casual 6-month contract
Time: 7 hrs = 1 day p/w
Rate: $30 p/h
Location: Darwin, Adelaide or Perth
Start Date: 09.01.2023

Description: The Global Mentor is in the organisation’s heart, the unlikely connector that builds bridges to shift how the network works. The network is what’s sick, and the inherited patterns lead to inequity. To change this, we need generative unlikely connections between people and knowledge to create a new fusion of shared value that brings into being the largest source of intelligence in the human thought experiment - intelligence from outside the margins.

The unlikely connection opportunities move from IMAGI-NATION{University} to creating bridges on campus to local schools, building direct opportunities for schools into IMAGI-NATION{UNiversity}, and then onto the TV network to help dreams come true via Dreamspace, and then over to the Radio Network to work on shifting the uniform set of rules through Making of a Hoodie Podcast Schools, there are opportunities to attend AIME’s IMAGI-NATION{Factory} in Sydney, for students to showcase their intelligence to the world via IMAGI-NATION{Gallery}, chances to get jobs, scholarships, internships and re-design the way the world works.

The global mentor makes the invisible visible, the imagined real.

Wanna change the world? We gotta change the way it works.


The Global Mentors are in relation, synching and flowing through towns and cities, walking back and forward between two sides of the street ripping up old tracks and laying down new ones.

The teamwork from project to project, being swung into different projects pending what is happening in IMAGI-NATION, light a lighthouse on the river, the Global Mentor Team spotlights an unlikely connections train track and flies out into the world to bring people all aboard the Unlikely connections train.


AIME is an 18-year-old tried-and-tested networking model focusing on unlikely connections to build regenerative networks. These networks cast off the shackles of a couple of hundred years of exclusive, elite, empire-building models that served few and devalued most.

For the next 10 years, AIME is building a digital country, IMAGI-NATION, to accelerate the relational mapping between those inside and outside the margins. We are basing our design process around Indigenous systems thinking - intelligence from outside the margins included in creating the oldest human labs of knowledge on earth.

The Economy is Hoodie Economics and is a relational economy based on exchanges of time, knowledge and opportunities.

No $$ is exchanged in the network. No advertising. No data is stolen.

The network is built on an algorithm of unlikely connections x 5, which has been shared via consultation with some of the world’s leading thinkers in the field of human social systems, including Tyson Yunkaporta, Robin Dunbar and Fritjof Capra.

Our goal is regenerative knowledge production, reclaiming for humans our true role and ecological niche as a custodial species.

The network lives for 10 years, and then it dies - as all living things will without radical transformation of human systems over the next decade. So we have 10 years of accelerated imagination to solve the messy problems of our time, including the core challenge of modelling a different way for us to be networked, not by transaction, but by relation.

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